Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oracle Spatial + Where 2.0?


So I just got back from the Where 2.0 conference. All in all it was a pretty good show. I have my issues with some of the talks, but overall it was really good. The question I have is. Where was Oracle?

Don't you think that Oracle Spatial should have been there?

Maybe I missed them, but they were not presenting and they were not in the participant list.

Intel, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Autodesk, ESRI, MapInfo, Ask, AOL, Cisco, Motorola, MapQuest, eBay, Apple, and many others were there.

Some presenters really talked about Oracle Spatial though...


Others may also wonder "Where was PostGIS"? PostGIS is not part of the open source geospatial foundation (OSGeo) but is still regarded as the most powerful open source spatial database. I just found your blog and am interested to see if you touch on PostGIS at all.
Good point Tyler. I hadn't thought of them. They were mentioned probably more than Oracle Spatial...

I only work with Oracle (not Oracle Spatial though) and ESRI's SDE, so that it what I post on. Some of the examples I post are standard SQL though. Oracle's analytical functions are not--but damn are they powerful.


Hi Jeremy,

is there any internet resources for developers using pl/sql and arcxml?

it's been difficult to be to find any doc about this matter,i'd appreciate your help.

thanks in advance!

ps: my e-mail is
Oracle probably didn't want to be in the same room as ESRI - Oracle creates a perfectly good spatial database that any modern GIS, regardless of vendor, can access and what do ESRI do? - introduce middleware to try and make any data propriety to ESRI software.

Oracle were probably too busy dealing with the large number of companies now realizing that they don't need SDE or any ARCxxx to host and maintain their spatial data.
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